God only is our true lover, and he would come with us in every walk of our life. Even if our parents, relatives and friends reject us, god would never reject us, and would console us than that of our own mother. 

Lord Krishna in the Bhagavat Gita says, “I would always stay with my true devotee, and would take care of him, I would give him food, cloth and shelter, and would act like an affectionate mother for him. I love them such much, and I would stay in the souls of those noble people who sing, praise and glorifies me. True devotees can permanently stay in my abode, and I would consider them similar to the great Bhagavathas like Narada, Dhruva, Tumburu and Prahalada”. From the above explanation given by Krishna, we can know how much kindness he is showing on his sincere devotees. Due to our ignorance, we are not considering him as the true god, and we are also forgetting him in our busy schedule. 

In this busy world, even if we chant the Krishna Mantra, at least once in a day, he would be satisfied with our bhakti, and would add sweetness in our lives. But if we are not interested to recite his names and mantras at least even for one time in a day, then how come, we can expect him to be with us, and protect us throughout our lives. Lord Krishna is not expecting any bigger thing from us, he is expecting only the true love from us, and in return for that, he would always show his true love and affection with us, and would hug us like our affectionate mother.

Nowadays lot of youngsters are losing their lives due to silly reasons. Some people are committing suicides at their young age itself, due to love failures, but if they love Lord Krishna, then there is no need to commit suicides, and they can live a blessed life for 100 years with the grace of Lord Krishna. One thing we should remember that, we are all the servants of the god, and god is our master. It is our essential duty to worship the god, and to remember him throughout our life, in order to make god to do lot of wonders in our lives.