Guru Raghavendra is a famous Hindu saint, and he is the universal guru, who blesses all of his devotees, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. His Samadhi shrine is situated at Mantralayam, and every year the day in which he entered into Samadhi is celebrated as an Aradhana for three days in Mantralayam, and also in all other Raghavendra Mutts situated throughout India. 

During the time of Aradhana days, lot of devotees from all parts of India would visit the holy Mantralayam in order to get the glimpse of the Holy Guru. During those three days, Aradhana for Guru Raghavendra would be celebrated similar to a grand festival. Flower and flower garlands would be adorned to him and free food would be served to all the devotees in a pleasant manner.

During the next year 2021, Aradhana will be held from 23rd August to 25th August 2021.

During the time of Aradhana, the present pontiff of Mantralayam, Sri Subudhendra Tirtha Swami, would participate in the divine event, along with a group of priests, and would perform special pujas and abhishekhams to the Main shrine of Guru Raghavendra. Sri Subudhendra Tirtha would also eagerly invite all the devotees to the Mantralayam Temple, and would bless them with an affectionate smile. During the time of Aradhana, spiritual discourses would be performed by discoursers, and divine music concerts also would be held in Mantralayam as well as in all other Brindavanams.

I have also participated in the Aradhana festival held in Ayanavaram and Perambur Raghavendra Swamy Mutts, and had nice darshan of the holy guru, and also had delicious meals pleasantly served by the Mutt staffs. Guru Raghavendra is considered as the divine cow, Kamadhenu and the divine tree, Kalpavriksha. By visiting the holy Mantralayam during the Aradhana days, we would get the entire grace of Guru Raghavendra.