There is a famous temple for Lord Vishnu, which is situated in Koozhamandal, some few kilometres away from Kanchipuram in Tiruvannamalai District. It is an ancient temple, and it is considered as one of the sacred temples in Tamil Nadu. Many famous Vaishnavite saints had visited this temple, and sung in praise of Lord Pesum Perumal.

The main deity located in the sanctum of the temple is Sri Pesumperumal, who is also known as Sri Varadarajar.  Pesumperumal is the one who makes the dumb to talk, and the deaf to hear. The deity looks in a gigantic form, with a pleasing smile and blesses us with his right hand. He is surrounded by Mata Sri Devi and Mata Bhu Devi. There are also Urchava idols in the temple, for Vishnu and Lakshmi, and it would be taken out during the times of temple festivals. Apart from the chief deities, beautiful idols of Lord Krishna with Rukmini and Satyabhama, and Marvellous 

sculptures of the Vaishnavite saints are also found inside the temple. 

It is believed that sprinkling the holy water on our head, from the Ananta Pushkarini tank, would relieves from our sins and would bring good fortunes in our life. Lot of Vaishnavite festivals are celebrated in this temple like Krishna Jayanti, Vaikuntha Ekadasi, Hanuman Jayanthi and Sri Rama Navami. 

It is believed that those who suffer from dumbness, deafness, mental distraction, mental worries and mental disorders are advised to visit and worship this Pesum Perumal, in order to get immediate relief for their problems. On seeing the divine face of the almighty, we would forget all of our worries, and we would get all kinds of prosperities in our life. 

Ancient kings used to visit this famous temple during festivals, and according to legend, Chola kings were implemented puja schemes in this temple, and they built houses for the temple priests, and also provided proper food to them.