We are considering Lord Krishna as a small child, an affectionate guru and a guiding friend. Among the various stages of Lord Krishna, we have been more attracted with child Krishna, and with his childhood plays and Leelas. Most of the married couples would be having the thoughts in their mind to get a divine child, like Lord Krishna. Though the Lord had taken the Krishna avatar before 5,000 years, but still now, we are treating the divine child as a recently born one. During the childhood itself, Krishna had removed the karmas of the people through his soft and gentle touch, and invoked the bhakti spirit in their mind.

Mata Yashoda and Devaki are the blessed ones, who have got the opportunity to serve as Lord Krishna’s mothers. Still now lot of Hindu people are considering Lord Krishna as their own child, and worshiping him in the temples.

According to my suggestion, the parents or the care takers of the mentally handicapped children must make their children to worship child Krishna regularly, in order to get relieved from their mental diseases. God is having the capacity to change our fate also, provided if we show our sincere bhakti on him. 

Lord Vishnu had sent his incarnation as a divine gift for all of us. We must utilize him properly by keeping divine thoughts on him. We can understand about him a lot, by reading the Bhagavat Gita and the Bhagavatham. We can also listen to the spiritual discourses of Bhagavatham and the Bhagavat Gita in the YouTube Channel. Lord Krishna is always ready to hug us with great love and affection, and he is dwelling in our souls. During our urgent call, he would immediately present before us, and would solve our problems.

Issue less couples are advised to visit and worship Lord Guruvayurappan at Guruvayur, where Lord Krishna appears in the form of beautiful child Krishna. By having the divine darshan of Lord Krishna, we would forget all of our worries, and our mind would become clean and pure.

Those who doesn’t have child even after worshiping the great Lord Krishna, can consider the divine child Lord Krishna itself as their own child, and they can imagine as if child Krishna is playing in their homes, and doing lot of wonderful mischievous activities. By that way, they can forget their worries, and can concentrate their attention on “KRISHNA BHAKTI”.