Ramdevji, (1352–1385AD) is a guardian and a village deity of Rajasthan. He was a famous king, who contained super natural powers, and   with  the powers he raised the standard of living of his people, and also removed the caste discrimination which prevailed among various communities in Rajasthan during his period. He is worshiped by the people of Rajasthan as their Ishta Devata. He contains the features of Lord Vishnu.

In Rajasthan, Ramdev is the main deity for certain community people, and his festival is grandly celebrated during the period (August – September), and fairs and festival would be held and large number of devotees would participate in this holy event at his Samadhi Shrine. He is also worshiped by Muslims in a different name. He was also tested by various people, and he proved his powers by performing miracles in front of them. 

After his death a Samadhi Shrine was constructed for him, and still now, people belonging to all class, irrespective of caste, creed and religion are regularly visiting his Samadhi shrine and paying their great regards to him. 

Ramdev is equal to all whether they are rich or poor, clever or dull, good or bad. Through his pleasing smile, he has won the hearts of thousands of people, and through his kind approach, even his enemies had become his friends. He used to get seated in the back of a white horse, and would travel bravely like the great King Vikramaditya. 

His devotees and followers are scattered throughout India, and he is also worshiped by the Hindus in Sindh Province in Pakistan. It is believed that he still hears the cries and the voices of his devotees from his Samadhi Shrine, similar to the south Indian Madhwa Saint Sri Guru Raghavendra, and removes their tears, and fulfills their wishes.

Dalibai, one of his best disciple and follower was also buried nearby his Samadhi Shrine. The place of his Samadhi temple is located at Ramdevra in Rajasthan, and it was built by the then ruler of Rajasthan. Ramdev Jayanti, the birth day of Ramdev, is celebrated at the Ramdevra temple, and during that day, thousands of Hindu and Muslim devotees, would worship him at his temple.

Apart from the main temple at Ramdevra, his various other temples are located in the following places:

  • Baba Ramdevji Mandir, Raipur, Pali District
  • Ramderiya, Kashmir Barmer
  • Baba Ramdev temple, Jalore District
  • Baba Ramdevji Temple,  Bikaner
  • Baba Ramdevji Temple, Banswara District
  • Baba Ramdevji Temple, Jodhpur district
  • Baba Ramdevji Temple, Ajmer District
  • Baba Ramdevji Temple,  Hanumangarh District
  • Baba Ramdevji Temple, Rajsamand District