• Fix up your mind only on me, mediate and worship me, then I would never leave you alone.
  • Completely control your senses and leave the bad habits like lust, anger and fear, and worship me sincerely, in order to attain me.
  • Fill up your mind with full of thoughts on me and never allow any bad thoughts to enter in your mind, so that you would be always protected by me. 
  • Those who consider me as the Supreme God, who praises my glories, and sings songs on me, would be free from the chain of repeated birth cycles. 
  • Believe me that I dwell in all the living beings in the world, and all of my creations contain my features.
  • Among the demons, I am the mighty demon king Bhakta Prahalad, among the animals, I am the great lion, and among the birds, I am the holy Garuda, and among the trees, I am the Ashvatta.
  • Develop your spiritual Knowledge through constant prayers and meditation.
  • People must always do good karmic deeds.
  • I am not responsible for the sins of the people. Through my teachings, they must know, what is correct and what is wrong, and must act accordingly.
  • Those who act friendly with others, treats others problems as their own problems, and do goodness to others, would be considered as my favourite devotees. 
  • Those who purify their mind and concentrate their attention only on spiritual matters would be considered as my ardent devotees.
  • Those who doesn’t depend on others help, and stand on their own legs, by sincerely devoting on me, would be treated as my best devotee.
  • Those who never hate others, and help others by doing charitable activities, would be free from their sins, and would attain my feet after their death.
  • Those who never think about their physical body, and never worries about their problems and diseases, would be very much liked by me.
  • Believe me, that, I am the Lord of the Lords, and the king of the Kings, and I am the supreme protector of the entire universe.
  • Those who follow the path of Dharma would never face any failures in their life.
  • Those who are free from worldly bondages and lack of interest in acquiring wealth are to be treated as my true devotees. 
  • No one can attain salvation without my grace.
  • Consider myself as your divine master, and treat yourself as my obedient servant.
  • Follow the path of righteousness, and be perfect in all of your activities, and realize me in your soul.
  • Give proper respect to your parents, and take care of them throughout your life.
  • Give food to the poor and the needy, since donating food is considered as the best among all other types of charities.
  • Earn money for your livelihood only through honest means, and don’t cheat others.
  • Always be humble, straightforward and honest.
  • Realize that nothing would come with you after your death, and hence always be a good person in your life.