Vaikunta is the abode of Lord Vishnu who is considered as one of the chief deities in Hinduism. He is living in the Vaikunta along with his consort Ma Lakshmi, and Lord Garuda is his divine vehicle. Great Rishis like Narada and Tumburu would frequently visit Vaikunta, and would sing in praise of Lord Vishnu. It is very far away from the earth, and we cannot see it in our ordinary eyes. In Vaikunta, only blessed souls can live and worship Lord Vishnu and Ma Lakshmi. 

Though we cannot visit Vaikunta in this birth, at least by visiting the holy Tirumala hills and worshipping the great Lord Venkateswara, we could get the satisfaction of visiting Vaikunta, since Tirumala is considered as Bhuloka Vaikunta, Vaikunta in the earth. Great Alwars and Bhaktas like Prahalada and Dhruva have got an opportunity to visit the holy Vaikunta. There are famous 108 temples of Lord Vishnu. Among these 108 temples, two temples are situated in Vaikunta. We would great punya, if we visit all of these 106 temples during our life time. 

The beauty of Vaikunta cannot be explained by us fully. The great Narada tells, “Vaikunta is the divine abode of Lord Vishnu and Ma Lakshmi, and it contains attractive features than that of heaven, and he is surrounded with full of holy sages, who always sing bhakti songs on him. He is taking rest in the divine serpent bed, Adisesha, and Ma Lakshmi gently presses his legs. For a long time, he used to be in Yoga Nidra, in order to protect the entire universe from destruction. Those who live in Vaikunta would get great spiritual pleasure”.

As per legend, once the divine gatekeepers of Vaikunta, Jaya and Vijaya were cursed by the great rishis Sanat Kumaras. As a result they have taken three births in three yugas, Hiranyakshan and Hiranyakasipu in Krita Yuga, Ravana and Kumbakarna in Treta Yuga, Dadivakra and Sisubala in Dwapara Yuga. They have been cursed during the first Krita Yuga, but they have got relieved from their curse only during the Dwapara Yuga. 

Hence, even though if we keep sincere bhakti on the almighty, sometimes, we have to act according to his will. But his wish would be only on giving goodness to us.