Various methods of worships


Various methods of worships are there. We can choose any method, according to our suitability. Apart from worshiping the god, we can worship him by doing Pujas, Abhishekhams, Homams, applying Sandal paste, adorning Vada Mala, flowers, garlands, ornaments and decorating him with flowers etc. Giving Thulabaram in temples is another kind of worship. Abhishekhams are of various types, such as Coconut water Abhishekham, Milk Abhishekham, Ghee Abhishekham, Honey Abhishekham and Fruit juice Abhishekham etc. By doing Ahishekham to the deities, our health related problems would definitely get healed.

Homams are generally done for the wellness of the family. Homams are of various types such as Ganapathy Homam, Kubera Homam, Dhanvantri Homam and Navagraha Homam etc. In Anjaneyar temples, adorning Vada garland is a most important one. Whatever types of worships we perform, we have to do it sincerely. God doesn’t expect any rich things to be offered to him, but he expects only a true bhakti from us and nothing more else. Hence as per our interest, we can do various types of worships.

Even donating land to temples, renovating the temples, and buying the necessary things for the temples is also a holy task, and it is also a kind of special worship. Even if we concentrate our attention on doing charitable activities, it is also a kind of worship, since doing service to the people, is equivalent to doing service to the god.


We would get peace of mind.

Growth Prosperities will be there in our life.

We would become healthier and wealthier in our life.

Our intelligence capacity will increase.

Able to face our life in difficult situations.

We would get SALVATION after our death.

Permanent happiness in our life.

We would get great Spiritual energy.

We would be a blessed soul.

Let us worship the god in various methods and be blessed.