Prahalada contains very good divine qualities, which we must have to observe in this today’s world. Before his birth itself, from the womb of his mother Kayadu, he cultivated the Bhakti on Lord Vishnu, since Rishi Narada used to tell bhakti stories on Lord Vishnu to his mother. After his birth, when he was learning his studies about the ways to become a successive king, he ignored that, and began to preach Vishnu Bhakti among his fellow students, and encouraged them to develop bhakti on Lord Vishnu, and by the way he changed the minds of the students, and made them into pure devotees of Lord Vishnu. 

When he was punished by his father Hiranyakashipu, he didn’t get angry with him, but used to fall on his feet and seek his blessings, even at the time of punishment. He contains such a great affection on his father, but at the same time, he tried to correct him, by telling the greatness of Lord Vishnu.

When Hiranyakasipu was killed, and Prahalada had become the king, he didn’t get pride, but treated everyone as alike and gave a golden rule during his period. When he was defeated by Devas and by his cousin Andaka, he didn’t get angry on them, but went to the forest and peacefully performed meditation on Lord Narasimha. After some time, due to the grace of his beloved Lord Narasimha, he got back his kingdom, and again began to rule his kingdom in a prosperous manner. 

When his son, the great Virochana, had lost his life due to the cunning act of Lord Indra, he didn’t get upset, and considered it as the will of the god, and didn’t fight with Indra. When Indra asked Prahalada to give his good Karmas as donation to him, he immediately gave it without any hesitation. Then again when his grandson Mahabali was pushed by Lord Vamana, he praised Vamana, and he went along with his grandson Mahabali, to the Sutala Loka, the underworld. 

Prahalada possessed wonderful qualities, which we cannot find it with the normal people. By reading his life history and his sacrifices, we can know about his significance, and we must have to follow his good qualities, and must worship him wholeheartedly. Worshipping Bhakta Prahalada is similar to worshipping Bhagavan Vishnu, since Bhakta Prahalada contains great powers similar to Lord Vishnu, since Lord Vishnu had granted lot of boons to him, and blessed him.