The Shakti Peethas are the popular shrines and pilgrimage centres of Ma Shakti Devi, and totally there are 51 Shakti Peethas as mentioned in our Puranas, and in other holy texts.

Most of the Shakti Peethas are located in India, but few Shakti Peethas are located in some foreign countries also.

As per ancient legend, once Lord Daksha, son of Lord Brahma, had performed a yagna, and for that, he didn’t invite his son-in-law, Lord Shiva, since he didn’t like the peculiar features of Lord Shiva, like dancing with the ghosts in the burial grounds and wearing the skeleton of the dead bodies etc. But due to her affection on her father Lord Daksha, Ma Sati wanted to attend the Yagna, and though Lord Shiva didn’t grant her permission, she went there. But there she was not welcomed by Lord Daksha, and also he began to scold Lord Shiva by using derogatory words. Ma Sati could not tolerate his acts, and as a result, she created a fire through her spiritual powers, and entered into it. 

On seeing that, Lord Vishnu had cut her body into 51 parts, and the place where it was fallen, had become holy places, and there is also another story, and in that, it was mentioned that when Lord Shiva began to dance in a fierce manner, the body of the Ma Sati was scattered into 51 parts and it fell on Earth and became sacred places.

Lord Shiva created Veerabhadra, and Lord Veerabhadra destroyed the Yagna, and also removed Daksha’s head and his ego.

Out of the 51 Shakti Peetas, four major Shakti Peethas are as follows:

  • Bimala Temple,  Puri, Odisha.
  • Ma Tara Devi Temple, Odisha.
  • Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati,  Assam.
  • Dakshina  Kalika in Kolkata,  West Bengal.

Later, Ma Sati was born as a child in the Holy Mountain Himalayas, and she was adopted by the Himalayan king, Parvatha Raja and his consort Ma Mena Devi. Since she was the daughter of Parvatha Raja, she began to known as Parvati Devi. After she attained her young age, she began to perform severe penance on Lord Shiva in the holy mountain Himalayas, and as a result, Lord Shiva had appeared before her, and both of them were got married, and went to the abode of Lord Shiva, the holy mountain Kailash.

Those who read the details about Shakti Peethas would be blessed by our divine parents Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati, and through their grace, we would prosper in our lives.