Thirumangai Alvar


Thirumangai Alvar, is one of the 12 Alvars  of south India. His birth name was Kaliyan. He was an excellent poet and a knowledgeable saint. He was born on 2702 BC. He is considered as an INCARNATION of  Vishnu's bow.


Thirumangai Alvar was born in a small village in Tamil Nadu. He worked under the Chola king as Military Chief. In praise of his bravery, he was rewarded a small region by the king, known as Thirumangai. From then onwards, he was called as Thirumangai Alvar. He was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. He married a girl with the name Kumudavalli. She has laid a set of conditions to him, stating that he must become a vaishnavite, and that he must feed at least for a thousand people for about a year, every day. Since he was under financial stress, he decided to do robbery. One day, he saw a marriage party group with the bride and groom. He decided to steal the ring from the groom, but he was unable to pick it from him. Then he realised that the bridegroom was Lord Vishnu. Vishnu then taught the mantra  "OM NAMO NARAYANAYA", from then onwards he became a great saint.


Thirumangai alvar spread bhakti among the people, and insisted them to worship Lord Vishnu, by chanting his names, in order to attain SALVATION. He was a great warrior, and possessed all the requisite skills, and was a master in all the arts. Due to his sincere devotion on Lord Vishnu, he has become an Alvar. He is living in Vaikunda, and serving to Lord Vishnu along with other alvars.


He composed several poems in Divya Prabandham. And his other works include:-

1. Periya Tirumoli

2. Tirunedunthandakam 

3. Tirukuruthandakam 

4. Tiruvelukkutirukkai

5. Siriya Tirumadal

6. Periya Tirumadal 

Temples A temple was dedicated to him at Hampi Vittala temple complex, which is situated at Karnataka. Festival The Thirumangai Alvar  utsavam will be celebrated in the Vishnu Temples in a grand manner in the tamil month of Thai.


Thirumangai Alvar who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, has attained the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu. Let us worship him and be blessed.