Rahu Ketu Graha  Effects and Remedies

Rahu Ketu Graha Effects and Remedies

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Significance of Rahu-Ketu Book

 By Pandit . Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswara Varaprasadu Siddhanthi

Rahu carries the positive note of Jupiter and stands for growth, development and self help While Ketu expresses the restrictions and obstacles of Saturn and hence thought to restrict growth. Rahu represents positive objectives and Ketu denotes the easy way out with little opportunity for growth. Rahu had succeeded in tricking Vishnu in serving him immortal nectar. Therefore, Rahu is described as a liar, foul mouth and full of criticism about others. He creates psychiatric disorders and other diseases of mind, especially when conjunct with Moon. However, if well placed in one’s horoscope, Rahu gives courage, prestige and fame. It can bring out extraordinary qualities in terms of supernatural in an individual.

Rahu’s negative tendencies such as to destroy intelligence can be removed by strengthening Mercury which represents intellect. Perhaps this is the reason that Rahu is considered beneficial in Mercury’s sign, Gemini and Virgo.

Read This Book about Effects and Remedies of  Rahu-Ketu

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