Significance of Angarakudu book

Significance of Angarakudu book

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Significance of Angarakudu Book 

By Pandit . Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswara Varaprasadu Sidhanthi

Lord Kuja is also known as Angarakudu, Bhoosutudu, Mangaludu and Kumara. Let us know the incarnation of Lord Kuja as He is one of the important planets that rule the earthly world. Those who pray sincerely Lord Kuja with utmost devotion will get relief from health and financial problems. The natives have to wear Coral which is liked by Lord Kuja. As per numerology, His number is 9. Number 9 has its own special importance in the day to day life. He bestows lands, immovable property, agriculture, vehicles, Higher Education, Police and adventurous jobs of authority, fuel and electrical etc.

Angarakudu   is known for an individual’s braveness, younger siblings, internal power, stable finances, diseases, enmity, medication related to surgery for blood diseases, science, logic, earth, fire, safety, step-mother, violence, anger, hatred, sins, competition, sudden death, murder, accident, heroism, enemies and harm to morality of a person.

Read This Book about Effects and Remedies of  Angarakudu.

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