Pravahana Jaivali
INTRODUCTION:Pravahana Jaivali (7th century AD) was a king of Panchala who was mentioned in the ancient texts, and in Upanishads. He is considered as a pious king and ruled his kingdom in a well-versed manner, and gave a GOLDEN RULE to his people. He is also considered as a holy sage, since he knows lot of devotional matters, and once, he teaches Svetaketu, son of Sage Uddalaka Aruni and explains the process of rebirth, and the ways to come out from the life cycle, and how to lead a successful life by following spiritual path etc. Jaiveli is believed to be a devotee of Lord Vishnu, and devoted..
INTRODUCTION :Pundarika is the main character associated with Lord Vithoba, a form of Lord Krishna. He is the one who have brought the idol of Vithoba to Pandharpur. Pundarika is the founder of the Varkari sect, a sect of Panduranga devotees. Pundarika was mentioned in the devotional text, which was written by Prahalad Maharaj.Ancient Kings and other saints were the devotees of Panduranga, and they built the popular Vithoba temple at Pandharpur. The Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana had renovated the present Pandharpur temple of Vithoba, in the 12th century.  Pandharpur is also known as Pundari..
Believers of the god
INTRODUCTION:Believers of the god can be described as the devotees of god, and have faith on him. Most of them, before starting their daily activity would worship the god, and pay their regards to him. Whatever religion they may belongs to be, they would sincerely worship the god according to their customs and traditions. Non-believers of god, who are known as atheists, would never worship the god, and would depend on their own skills and knowledge. Some atheists would criticize the believers of the god, and would even oppose them towards worshiping the god and going to the temples/churches/mo..
INTRODUCTION : Manickaswamy (20th century AD) was lived in Tiruvannamalai and he was considered as the important disciple and an ardent devotee of Sadguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal. He has moved closely with Swamy and closely observed many Siddhis of Swamiji and got attracted with him. Manickaswamy was born in a village at Tiruvannamalai into a poor Hindu family, and after finishing his education he left home, and become the disciple of the wandering saint Swamy Seshadri. He used to follow the saint like a shadow, and lived a noble life. Daily he used to take alms and provide it to Swami..
INTRODUCTIONSimilar to Queen Chudala, princess Hemalekha was considered as a spiritual Guru to her husband Prince Hemachuda, and it is believed that she lived in the Dwapara Yuga during the time of Lord Krishna. She learned the divine scriptures and was a great scholar. She changed the entire nature of her husband, and moved him in the spiritual path.  Due to her holiness, she has also changed the behavior of the entire people in the kingdom and through her guidance, they were became spiritual persons, and it is believed that even the wild animals and birds were attained the bliss of..
INTRODUCTION :Vedavati was the holy mother of the great Madhwacharya, whose birth name was Vasudeva, and her consort name was Naddantillaya. The couples were lived at a village in Karnataka. She was a noble woman and got great attachment on her son Vasudeva. The parents were performed Upanayana to Vasudeva at his younger age itself, and he had become a great saint at his teenage.Sri Vasudeva was an avatar of Lord Vayu Deva and after he attained sainthood, his parents gave birth to another son Subhaktiman, who was known as Vishnu Tirtha at a later stage, and they also gave birth to a daughter. ..
Swarnalata Devi
INTRODUCTION :Swarnalata Devi (19th century AD) was the holy mother of Sri Aurobindo. She was born in a Hindu Bengali family at Kolkata, West Bengal, and her father was Sri Rajnarayan Bose, who was a participant in the Brahmo Samaj, and she was very clever from her younger age itself. She got married at her teenage to a famous doctor Sri Krishna Dhun ghose, and they had five children, and among them, Sri Aurobindo had become a great saint and social reformer.She served as a dutiful wife to her husband and an affectionate mother to her children. She got great interest in doing social welfare ac..
INTRODUCTION :Varahamihira (499-587 AD) was a great sage and an astronomer, who had made rich contributions in the field of astronomy. He has written famous texts such as Panch Siddhant, Bruhad Samhita and Bruhad Jatak, and he mentioned valuable details about the planets. He also got large number of disciples, and guided them properly. He was well-versed in Vedas and other holy texts, and controlled his senses, and lived a pious life. He contains great wisdom, boldness, kindness, courage and high will-power. He asked us to control our mind, and to be brave enough to face any kind of challenges..
Miracle of lord Venkateswara
INTRODUCTION :Viswanathan (20th century) was born in a poor Brahmin family in Bangalore, Karnataka. By birth itself, he was not mentally stable, and used to depend on others for doing his regular activities. His father had worked as a priest in a nearby Hanuman temple, and got only meagre income. With the small earnings, he took care of his wife and his son Viswanathan. His father provided proper treatment to him by borrowing money from others, but nothing had made him to become perfect. One day, a friend of Viswanathan’s father visited their house, and learned about his history, and aske..
A. R. Varadharajanar
INTRODUCTION :A. R. Varadharajanar is a doctor by profession, and a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga. At his younger age, he stayed at Kodambakkam, and used to visit the Vadapalani murugan temple. But after losing his daughter, he had lost interest in living, and stopped worshiping the god and doing puja.  Due to that, few siddhars were appeared in person, and asked him to continue doing puja to Lord Murugan, and as per their instructions, he began to perform puja to Lord Muruga, and helped the devotees by removing the troubles in their life, through the grace of Lord Muruga. He provid..
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