Why To Avoid Looking At Moon On Ganesha Chaturthi ?

Why To Avoid Looking At Moon On Ganesha Chaturthi ?


On one of his birthdays he was going around house to house accepting the offerings of sweet puddings. Lord Ganesha was riding on his mouse on the way home. As he was riding, his mouse saw a snake on its way is suddenly stumbled because of this Lord Ganesha fell to the ground and his stomach burst open and the food which he had, came out. But he stuffed them back into his stomach and tied the snake around his belly. Moon saw this and couldn't control its laugh. All of a sudden, he heard laughter emanating from the sky.

Lord Ganesha looked up and saw the Moon laughing at him. This unseemly behaviour of the Moon annoyed him immensely, Lord Ganesh realized that the moon's vanity will not go without his being appropriately punished so he pulled out one of his tusks and hurled it against the moon, and cursed the moon to vanish from the Universe. In the absence of the moon the whole world began to wane. So the Gods request Shiva to persuade Ganesha to relent. The Moon also apologizes for his behavior.
On Shiva's intervention the Ganesha has modified his curse hat no one would look at the moon on the Ganesh Chaturthi day. If anyone does, he will surely earn a bad name or falsely.

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