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INTRODUCTION : The Kampaheswarar Temple is a Shiva Temple, and it is situated in Thirubuvanam. Here Lord Shiva is worshiped as "Kampahareswarar", since he has removed an evil ghost from the body of a king. It was built by Kulothunga Chola, and it is considered as one of the famous temples of Lord Shiva. The temple is very good in its art and architecture. There is a separate shrine for Lord Sarabeswara, in this temple, and those who visit and worships Lord Sarabeswara at this temple, would get great powers, wisdom and boldness, and they would be relieved from their various diseases and fr..
INTRODUCTION : In the Villages of Rajasthan, people used to worship village deities similar to their family deity. Irrespective of their castes, beliefs and communities they are giving good respect to these deities and consider them as their ancestors, since most of the village deities have sacrificed their lives for the welfare of the people. Most of the village deities were killed by others and attained unnatural death. But instead of turning into ghosts, due to their divine power, they have become worshipful minor deities in Rajasthan.Lot of stories are associated with them, and it wou..
INTRODUCTION : Prahalada contains very good divine qualities, which we must have to observe in this today’s world. Before his birth itself, from the womb of his mother Kayadu, he cultivated the Bhakti on Lord Vishnu, since Rishi Narada used to tell bhakti stories on Lord Vishnu to his mother. After his birth, when he was learning his studies about the ways to become a successive king, he ignored that, and began to preach Vishnu Bhakti among his fellow students, and encouraged them to develop bhakti on Lord Vishnu, and by the way he changed the minds of the students, and made them into pur..
Lord Muruga also known as Subramanya is the supreme god and the son of Lord Shiva, who is a popular deity, and mostly worshiped in South India, and in some Asian countries. He is considered as a great warrior, who had destroyed fierce demons, and maintained peace and prosperity in the world. By worshiping Lord Subramanya, and by chanting his mantra, we would get good benefits in our life, and we would be able to lead a peaceful and comfortable life.MANTRA“Om Subramanyaya Namaha”Meaning‘Om’ is an eternal, universal sound, the Brahman and it denotes the supreme spirit, also called as almighty.‘S..
NAVAGRAHAM MUSICAL : Navagrahas occupy a major part in our life. Our life is determined based on the planetary positions. By worshipping the Navagrahas and by chanting their mantras, the ill effects of the planets would get reduced, and we would get all kinds of prosperities in our life.MANTRA“Adityaya Somaya Mangalaya BhudayachaGuru Shukra Shanibhyascha Rahave Ketave Namaha”MeaningThis mantra addresses all the nine planets of astrology namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and seeks their blessings for the successful completion of the tasks.NAVAGRAHAMNava..
INTRODUCTION : Sri Panchamukha Hanuman is the beloved deity of Guru Ragavendra, and he has meditated Lord Hanuman at Panchamukhi for several years, and got the divine vision of Lord Panchamukha Hanuman. A temple is built for Panchamukha Hanuman at the place where he was meditated, and it is situated some few kilometres away from Mantralayam.Panchamukha Hanuman contains five faces, Narasimha, Garuda, Varaha, Hayagriva and his own face, Vanara. Each of his faces represents knowledge, courage and strength, mental power, valour and victory and Bhakti.  From Mantralayam temple, lot o..
INTRODUCTION : Guru Raghavendra is a famous Hindu saint, and he is the universal guru, who blesses all of his devotees, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. His Samadhi shrine is situated at Mantralayam, and every year the day in which he entered into Samadhi is celebrated as an Aradhana for three days in Mantralayam, and also in all other Raghavendra Mutts situated throughout India. During the time of Aradhana days, lot of devotees from all parts of India would visit the holy Mantralayam in order to get the glimpse of the Holy Guru. During those three days, Aradhana for ..
INTRODUCTION : The Sachyee Mata Temple is located in Osian, Rajasthan. This temple is believed to have been constructed by King Upendran during the 10th century AD. Ma Sachyee is also known as Shri Osiya Mataji, and she is classified as one of the seven forms of Ma Shakti Devi, and she is also considered to be an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi. In this temple, ancient idols, and paintings of various deities are available. As per ancient legend, Goddess Sachi is also known as Indrani, and she is the consort of Lord Indra.Annual festival during Navaratri would be celebrated in a grand manner at t..
INTRODUCTION : Saraneshwar Mahadev Temple is an ancient famous Shiva temple, and it is located in Rajasthan. Lord Saraneshwara is the Kula deva for many ancient kings in Rajasthan, and still he is the Kula Deva for some community people in Rajasthan. Major renovation works were done to this temple during the16th century. A big Hanuman Idol welcomes us to the temple, and it is located in the outside of the temple. Along with the main Shiva Linga, hundreds of Shiva Lingas are found inside the temple. Few temple elephants also can be found nearby the entrance of the temple, and it warml..
INTRODUCTION :There is a famous Mahalakshmi Temple situated in Kallur village, Karnataka, and this temple is famous similar to “Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple”. The temple contains idols of both Lord Venkateshwara and Mahalakshmi. This temple was founded by a Madhwa scholar known as Sri Lakshmikanta Acharya in Kallur. Sri Lakshmikanta was a noble and a holy Madhwa scholar, and he was a sincere devotee of Kolhapur Mahalakshmi. He used to visit Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple every year during Navaratri festival days. After Acharya had become old, he found it unable to visit Kohlapur.Pleased by hi..
INTRODUCTION : Vaikunta is the abode of Lord Vishnu who is considered as one of the chief deities in Hinduism. He is living in the Vaikunta along with his consort Ma Lakshmi, and Lord Garuda is his divine vehicle. Great Rishis like Narada and Tumburu would frequently visit Vaikunta, and would sing in praise of Lord Vishnu. It is very far away from the earth, and we cannot see it in our ordinary eyes. In Vaikunta, only blessed souls can live and worship Lord Vishnu and Ma Lakshmi. Though we cannot visit Vaikunta in this birth, at least by visiting the holy Tirumala hills and worshippi..
INTRODUCTION : Swarga also known as Indra Loka, is one of the Divine Lokas in Hinduism, and Lord Indra rules this Divine Loka.  It contains great beauty similar to Brahma Loka, also called as Sathya Loka. Those who do good karmic deeds would live in the Swarga Loka for a long period of time. Ancient righteous kings and sages and their consorts are still living in this Swarga Loka by enjoying all sorts of comforts in their life.Those who come here after their death, would get a shining body, and can attain the status of the demi-god in the heaven. They can live in the palaces allocate..
INTRODUCTION : Brahmaloka also called as Satya Loka is the abode of Lord Brahma and Ma Saraswati. Lord Brahma is the creator of all the living beings in the world, and he is the main father of everybody. Ma Saraswathi is considered as the goddess of education and wisdom, and she gives good knowledge, courage and good memory power to her devotees. Apart from Brahma and Saraswathi, in the Brahma Loka, famous saints and sons of Lord Brahma like Pulastiya, Manu and Daksha Bhagavan are living. Only a few of us would get an opportunity to live in the Brahma Loka. For living in the Brahma l..
INTRODUCTION : Ramdevji, (1352–1385AD) is a guardian and a village deity of Rajasthan. He was a famous king, who contained super natural powers, and   with  the powers he raised the standard of living of his people, and also removed the caste discrimination which prevailed among various communities in Rajasthan during his period. He is worshiped by the people of Rajasthan as their Ishta Devata. He contains the features of Lord Vishnu.In Rajasthan, Ramdev is the main deity for certain community people, and his festival is grandly celebrated during the period (August – Septem..
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