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INTRODUCTION: Arjuna was a main character in Mahabharatha. He was the son of Kunti Devi and Lord Indra. He occupied a main place in winning the battle in Kurukshetra war with Kauravas. He was born in dwapara yuga. IMPORTANCE: Arjuna was a very brave and bold warrior. He was the friend of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna narrated the Bhagavat Gita to him, during the Kurukshetra war. In his previous birth he was the great rishi named as ”NARA” who undertook severe penance with another rishi called as “NARAYANA”. The rishi “NARAYANA” in his next birth took the avatar as Lord Krishna. Lord Kris..
Akka Maha Devi
INTRODUCTION : Akka Mahadevi (1130–1160) was one of the female poets and a famous woman in the Lingayat sect. She has made her famous kannada writings known as Mantrogopya and the Yogangatrividhi. She was praised by famous saints such as Basavanna, Siddharama and Allamaprabhu for her contribution in the kannada literature. She was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. LIFE: Akka Mahadevi was born in a small village in Karnataka. Even at a younger age itself, she left her family in order to worship Lord Shiva sincerely. She made he..
INTRODUCTION : Agastya was a famous sage of Hinduism. His wife is Lopamudra. Sage Agastya is mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata.  He is one among the seven famous rishis, and also one among the 18 siddhars. It is believed that he has lived for over 5000 years. He is said to have lived in the pothigai hills for many years. IMPORTANCE :It is believed that he is the author of Agastya Gita. His presence was found in ancient texts. During the time of Lord Shiva’s marriage with goddess parvathi, lord shiva asked Sage agastya to go to the pothigai hills in ..
Appaiya Dikshitar
INTRODUCTION:  Appayya Dikshitar(1520–1593),was a great devotee of Lord Shiva, and he performed several yajnas for the welfare of the people, and cultivated the devotion of Lord Shiva among the people. His birth name was Vinayaka Subramanian. LIFE Appayya Dikshitar was born in a village in Tiruvannamalai district. Appayya studied the Vedas, Upanishads and the Hindu scriptures under his Guru, Rama Kavi. He was an expert in vedas, and was a learned scholar and a master in all kinds of art. Dikshitar travelled throughout the country, and won in sev..
Spiritual Books of Hinduism
There are various ancient Spiritual books on Hinduism. It acts as a guide to the people to live the life in a purposeful and efficient manner. The following are the sacred books on Hinduism:- 1. The Vedas : The Vedas are a large body of religious texts which originates in ancient india. According to ancient puranas, Vyasa is the compiler of the Vedas and he is known to be as ‘Veda Vyasa’. There are four Vedas: the Rig veda, the Yajur veda, the Sama veda and the Atharvana veda. 2. Upanishads: The Upanishads, a part of the&nb..
INTRODUCTION: Ramarajabhushanudu (16th century AD) was a Telugu poet and a musician. He was one of poets in the court of Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire. His birth name was Bhattu Murti. LIFE According to texts, his native place was said to be in a village at Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh. He penned poems and was appreciated for his works by the King Krishnadevaraya. IMPORTANCE: His style in writings poems was well appreciated by the ruler of the kingdom, and by the common people. Apart from writings poems, he devoted his att..
Karaikal Ammaiyar
INTRODUCTION : Karaikal Ammaiyar (6th Century AD) was one of the nayanmars amongst the 63 Nayanmars. Her birth name was Punithavathiyar. She was born at Karaikal. She was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. LIFE :She belonged to Chettiar Community, and  she was married to a wealthy merchant from Nagapattinam. One day her husband sent two mangoes to her, through a person, and asked her to keep it safely. After some time, a Shiva devotee asked for alms to her. She gave one of the mangoes to him, which was given by her husband. In the afternoon, his husband came to th..
INTRODUCTION : Mangayarkkarasiyar was one of the 63 Nayanmars. She was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Her birth name was Maani. LIFE:She was a Chola princess. And she married the   Madurai Pandiyan King, who was known as King Koon Pandiyan due to his hunch back. He had suffered from the problem of hunch back for a long time. He  had converted to Jainism, and by worried about this incident, she sent the Prime Minister of the Madurai kingdom, to invite the great Saivite saints, Appar and Sambandar to Madurai. Appar&nb..
INTRODUCTION :Molla (1440–1530) was a Telugu poet and the translator of Sanskrit Ramayana in Telugu. LIFE : She was born at a village in Kadapa District in Andhra Pradesh state. She was a Shiva devotee. Her parents were great devotees of Lord Mallikarjuna and Goddess Brahmaramba of Srisailam. She was a kind hearted and a loving lady. DIVINE WORK : Her work is known as Molla Ramayanam and it is considered as good and simple by the readers. IMPORTANCE : She was a humble and a soft spoken lady, who never hurts anyone through her speech. She ..
INTRODUCTION :Lalleshwari (1320–1392) was a   Saint and born at Kashmir, and she belongs to the shaivite tradition. She was a great poet in the Kashmiri language. LIFE Lalleshwari was born near Srinagar, Kashmir in a  Pundit family.  She took sanyasa at a younger age, and become the disciple of Shaivite guru, Siddha Srikantha. SPIRITUAL WRITINGS:Her poems have been translated into English. Some of the famous quotes are as follows:- 1. If I do a work, that will be the worship of god. 2. If I utter a word, that will become a prayer. 3. My..
INTRODUCTION: Kanhopatra  was a 15th-century   saint and was born at Pandharpur. She was a great devotee of Lord Vithoba (A form of Lord Krishna). LIFE Kanhopatra was a dancer in the royal palace of the king of Bidar. Since she doesn’t want to attract others by means of her beauty, and to be a slave of the king, she preferred to surrender at the feet of Lord Vithoba. IMPORTANCE: Through her poems, she tells that she wanted to be a slave for Lord Vithoba alone, and he alone is her saviour, and wants to free herself from her dancing profession. Still her poems are c..
INTRODUCTION : Kalidasa (4th Century AD) was a famous poet of India. Kalidasa was believed to have lived near the Himalayas. LIFE According to ancient epics, he got great knowledge from goddess kali at Kali Temple, when he was insulted by a princess, who was searching for a knowledgeable man to marry her. After becoming a great scholar, he got married to that princess. From ancient texts, it was known, that during his visit to Sri Lanka, he was murdered due to some misconception. WRITINGS:1.Abhijnanasakuntalam  2.Malavikagnimitram  3.Vikramorvasiyam  ..
INTRODUCTION : Janabai was a Hindu poet. She was born during 13th century. Janabai was born in   Maharashtra. LIFE At a younger age, she went to Pandharpur along with her family. And she worked as a maid in the family of the famous poet Namdev. Her employers were very good and religious minded people. They have treated her in a kind manner. Janabai has worked very peacefully with her employers.  Janabai was a staunch devotee of Lord Vittal. She composed many good poems. Still some of her poems were preserved. IMPORTANCE: Though she has not atten..
INTRODUCTION: Bogar  was a Tamil siddhar who lived between 550 and 300 BC. He is one among the 18 siddhars. IMPORTANCE:Bogar has written a book "Bogar 7000". Bogar 7000 contains 7000 songs, and it contains the details about siddha medicines. Bogar went to China, and taught about spiritual enlightenment. Bogar is said to be in SAMADHI near Palani Murugan hill temple. He is a disciple of Agastya Maharishi. He was a master of siddha, yoga and meditation. According to legends, it is known that Bogar created the idol of Murugan  in Palani by mi..
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