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INTRODUCTION :Aswathama is the son of Guru Drona and kripi and the grandson of the Rishi Bharadwaja. He was born due to the divine grace of Lord Shiva. He fought on the Kaurava side against the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra War. Ashwathama,is a famous character in the great epic Mahabharatha. IMPORTANCE :Aswathama and his uncle (mother’s brother) Kripa, were chiranjeevis and will live in this earth till the end of kaliyuga.  Kripa was also a great warrior, a scholar and an expert in all forms of art. He is a humble and a brave man, who..
INTRODUCTION : Chokhamela was a great saint in Maharashtra, India, and lived in the 14th century. He belonged to the Mahar caste. He was a great poet, and sung in praise of Lord Vitthala, and he was a great devotee of Lord Vitthala. LIFE : He was born at a village in  Buldhana district, Maharashtra. He wrote many poems. He was one of the famous poets in India. Chokhamela lived with his family and worked in farms of wealthy people. He lived outside the town in a hut, but was fully devoted on Lord Vitthala. He never worried about his po..
 INTRODUCTION : Yudhishthira was the son of Kunti Devi and was the AMSA (features) of Lord Yama Dharma. He was the eldest son among all the pandavas. After his departure from the earth, he went to heaven. IMPORTANCE :Yudhishthira was a great person who contains pure sense of mind. He always tries to win a person’s heart by making an offering to him. His wife was draupathi. Though, he was cunningly cheated by the Kauravas in the dice game, and went to the forest, he remained a noble person. He was guided by Lord Krishna with regard to ruling his country, after he w..
NTRODUCTION :Vishvaksena  is the ARMY CHIEF of the Hindu god Vishnu. Vishvaksena is worshipped before performing any rituals, according to  Vaishnavism tradition. Vishnu temple festivals will begin after worshipping him. The name of his wife is Sutravati. IMPORTANCE :In Mahabharatha and Srimad Bhagavatam, the name of Lord Vishvaksena is mentioned in several places of the texts. He is described as a great valour and controls the army, gives great strength to those who worship him, and mainly gives courage, boldness and good health and wealth. He is the one who prot..
Thiruppaan Alvar
INTRODUCTION :Thiruppaan Alvar (2760 BC)  is one of the twelve alvars of South India. LIFE :As per ancient texts, he was born at Srirangam, trichy in the musical community. He was very much attached with Sri Ranganatha Swamy of Srirangam, and is believed to have merged with the deity of Lord ranganatha. IMPORTANCE :Similar to other alvars, he has also contributed a lot towards writing devotional works. His works include Amalanaathipiran, and some of his famous poems were included in the Nalayira Divya Prabandam. The works of Thirupaanazhwar was a great contribution ..
INTRODUCTION :Tirumular was a Tamil  Saint, and considered as one of the sixty-three Nayanmars and also one of the 18 Siddhars. Sundaranathar was his original name. And he belonged to Madurai in Tamil nadu. According to the views of great scholars, he is believed to have taken birth during 8th century AD. And his main work, the Tirumantiram was well accepted by the tamil people. LIFE :He travelled to Mount Kailash and was received spiritual advice from Lord Shiva. After some time, he went to tamil nadu, and met the great Maharishi Agathiyar in Pot..
INTRODUCTION :Abhimanyu was a famous character in  Mahabharata.Abhimanyu was the incarnation of Lord Chandra’s son. Abhimanyu was married to Princess Uttara. Abhimanyu was very much loved by the pandavas. At the age of sixteen, in the Kurukshethra war, Abhimanyu was killed in the battle by the kauravas. His various names are as follows:- 1. Arjuna Putra 2. Subhadranandan 3. Soubhadri 4. Chandra Putra 5. Krishna Shishya 6. Rudra dhari IMPORTANCE :Abhimanyu was a great warrior, and possessed very good knowledge in all the subjects. He was a master in all kinds of ar..
Thirumangai Alvar
INTRODUCTION :Thirumangai Alvar, is one of the 12 Alvars  of south India. His birth name was Kaliyan. He was an excellent poet and a knowledgeable saint. He was born on 2702 BC. He is considered as an INCARNATION of  Vishnu's bow. LIFE :Thirumangai Alvar was born in a small village in Tamil Nadu. He worked under the Chola king as Military Chief. In praise of his bravery, he was rewarded a small region by the king, known as Thirumangai. From then onwards, he was called as Thirumangai Alvar. He was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. He married a girl with the n..
Pambatti Siddhar
INTRODUCTION :Pambatti siddhar was one among the 18 siddhars  who lived in various parts of India. Some of his poems are still available. Even his poems are addressed to snakes. He was the disciple of the great sattaimuni siddhar. LIFE :Once the great Sattaimuni Siddhar met a snake charmer, and explained him about Kundalini Shakthi, and initiated him into the path of spirituality. The snake charmer, who has mastered the control of Kundalini, attained great powers. From then onwards, he was called as Pambatti Siddhar.   IMPORTANCE Sri Pambatti siddhar has attained 'A..
INTRODUCTION : Surdas was a 16th-century blind Hindu devotional poet and singer, who has written and sung in praise of Lord Krishna. He was a great poet and an exceptional singer. Though he was blind from his childhood, he never lost hope and always chants the glory of Lord Krishna. The book known as Sur Sagar  was written by him. And it was well appreciated by many scholars. LIFE :Since Surdas was blind child from birth, he was rejected by his family, and he lived alone on the banks of River Yamuna. Surdas has also composed the&nb..
Poigai Alvar
INTRODUCTION :Poigai Alvar(4203 BC) is one of the twelve alvars of South India. Poigai Alvar composed Muthal Tiruvandadhi in praise of Lord Vishnu. LIFE :As per ancient epics, Poigai alvar was found in a small pond near the Yadhotakaari temple at Kanchipuram. Since he was found in a pond, he is known as Poigai alvar. Annual birth day celebration takes place in Yadhotakaari Tempe for Poigai Alvar. At a younger age, he learnt the basics of Vaishnavism, and was an expert in composing poems. IMPORTANCE :From childhood, Poigai Alvar was a sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu. ..
INTRODUCTION :Nandi is the guardian of Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva and also he serves as the mount to Lord Shiva. Almost in all Shiva temples, the statue of Lord nandi will be there, before in front of Lord Shiva’s shrine. Nandi worship exists for several thousands of years. Nandi is the son of the sage Shilada. Shilada received Nandi as his son, after doing severe penance on Lord Shiva. By Lord Shiva’s grace, Nandi was born from a Yajna performed by Shilada. Nandi is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and he did severe penance, and become his mount ..
INTRODUCTION :Nammalwar (3059 BC) is one of the twelve great alvars. He is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, and has composed many poems in praise of Lord Vishnu. He is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishvaksena. LIFE :According to ancient texts, Nammalwar was born in Alwarthirunagiri, Tamilnadu. He was the guru of Madhurakavi Alvar. IMPORTANCE : According to ancient texts, it is known that even at a younger age, he began to meditate and chant the names of Lord Vishnu. He was a staunch devotee of Sriman Narayana, and was always thinking about him, without taking pr..
Madhurakavi Alvar
INTRODUCTION :Madhurakavi Alvar (3224 BC) is one of the twelve alvars  of South India. He was the disciple of Nammalvar. Through his devotional works, he has spread the importance of Vaishnavism among the people. The songs of Mathurakavi alvar are chanted during festive occasions in most of the Vishnu temples in South India. LIFE :Madhurakavi alvar was born in a Brahmin family, in Thirukolur, Tamilnadu.  He is believed to be the incarnation of lord garuda(Divine vehicle of Lord Vishnu). Madhurakavi alvar was well-versed in vedas, and composed poems in praise..
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