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Goddess Pochamma
INTRODUCTION: Goddess Pochamma is a mother goddess who is mainly worshiped by the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh people. She protects people from all kinds of diseases, and also she safeguards them from their enemies and gives all the prosperity in their life. Goddess Pochamma is a guardian deity and is considered as a Village Devata. The most important festival dedicated to Goddess Pochamma is the Bonalu festival which is celebrated in the month of July – August. Pochamma is also considered as an aspect of Goddess Kali. It is told that she will create problems for the people if they reject..
INTRODUCTIONIn India, the celebrations of fairs and festivals are considered as an enjoyment for all the people, especially the children.Indians from various religious groups celebrate their respective festivals with much joy and enthusiasm and they will offer prayers to the gods and worship them for their prosperity.There are a large number of Hindu religious festivals celebrated throughout the world. Hindus living in foreign countries also celebrate the festivals as if they are celebrating in their home town. They will not forget their Indian culture, and celebrate it as a token of paying re..
Kavindra Tirtha 
INTRODUCTION :Kavindra Tirtha (1333-1398) was a dvaita saint and the pontiff of Uttaradi Mutt. He was a great scholar and talented in all vedas, shastras, Upanishads and other holy texts. He was the chief of the Uttaradi mutt during his last six years, before attaining Samadhi in the Nava Brindavan, which is situated in Hampi, Anegunde,     karnataka. Devotees from all sects of Hinduism would visit this holy place, and worship the great Saint Kavindra Tirtha along with the eight other saints.The nine saint names are as follows:1. Shri Padmanabha Tirtha2. Shri Kavindra Tirtha3. S..
Gangamma Devi
INTRODUCTION :Gangamma Devi Temple is situated at Boyakonda, Andhra Pradesh 517257. This is a holy temple dedicated to Mata Gangamma Devi, who is considered as an incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi.Hundreds of years ago, the tribal community people known as Boyas were lived in the forest located near the hills. They were against the rule of the Sultan kings and started fighting with them. But they couldn’t withstand the army of the Sultan and escaped into the forest and prayed to the holy mother to save them. Due to the divine grace of Gangamma, the nawab’s army were fled away from that place. I..
Artha Nareeswarar Temple
INTRODUCTION :Artha Nareeswarar temple in vasudevanallur at Tirunelveli District is a famous temple, and it is several centuries old temple. The main deity of the temple is Lord Arthanareeswara also called as Chinathamaninathar, and the name of Devi is Idapaga Valli. There are also other shrines for Lord Nataraja, Bairava and Chandikeswara. Apart from these shrines, the following shrines are also found in this temple:1. Lord Surya2. Dakshinamurthy3. Juradevar4. Veerabadra5. Mahalakshmi6. Dharma Sastha7. Lord Vinayaka8. Sani Bhagavan9. Nagaraja and his consort NagaraniThe temple timing is: From..
Avatars of Lord Shiva
INTRODUCTION:Before going through the avatars of Lord Shiva, According to me, most of the people are not aware about all the avatars of Lord Shiva. Hence it is important to write about the avatars of Lord Shiva. Most of them would have studied the avatars of Lord Vishnu. In many temples, several paintings are inscribed depicting the avatars of Lord Vishnu in Vishnu Temples. Similar to that, I have seen in one old and ancient temple, Arulmigu Kachaleeswarar Temple at Armenian Street, Parrys,Chennai – 600 001. Beautiful framed pictures are affixed inside the walls of the temple mentioning about ..
Sri Kulandai Ananda Swamigal
INTRODUCTION : Sri Kulandai Ananda Swamigal was a great saint, and he was lived during the 17th century AD. He was considered as the son of Mata Meenakshi, a form of Parvati Devi. He was born in Samayanallur, near Madurai, and his parents were very holy and pious and were the devotees of Meenakshi, and he was born with the blessings of Madurai Meenakshi Amman. As per Meenakshi amman’s instructions, his parents were offered him to meenakshi amman temple. The divine child was completely taken care of by Mata Meenakshi, and he lived by drinking the milk offered to the goddess for Abhish..
Sikh Guru
INTRODUCTION: Guru Nanak is the first Sikh Guru. He lived for 70 years. He was born in Talwandi, Pakistan and left his physical body in Kartapur Ravi, Pakistan. He had two sons. Born into a Hindu family, Guru Nanak was against caste discrimination. He taught the “ONE GOD CONCEPT” and taught to treat others as their own brothers and sisters and to give proper respect to everyone. He stated that god is welled within every person, and people should not be differentiated based on caste, creed, gender or nationality. His teachings are very simple and straight forward in nature, and accept..
Famous Indian Kings and Queens
1. Ajatasatru (512-461 BCE)Haryanka EmperorAjatasatru was the son of the great king Bimbisara, one of the earliest rulers of the ancient kingdom of Magadha in north-east India. Bimbisara became head of the Haryanka dynasty in 543 BCE, and contains great powers in handling weapons and was a master in all kinds of art. Ajatasatru was considered as a great king and was treated with respect by his people.2. Chandragupta Maurya (340-298 BCE)Mauryan EmperorChandragupta Maurya is influential for his founding of the Mauryan Empire. He had extended his kingdom under the guidance of his advisor, Chanaky..
Famous Temples in India
1. The Gomateshwara is situated at Shravanabelagola in the Hassan district of Karnataka. The 60 feet gigantic statue of Bahubali is situated in Vindyagiri Hill at Shravanabelagola. Lord Gomateshwara temple is one of the largest temples in the state.2. The Dilwara Jain Temples is situated at the holy hill station of Rajasthan,Mount Abu. Dilwara Temples is one of the most beautiful pilgrimage sites of the Jains in India. Jain Temples at Mount Abu is built by marble and considered as one of the finest monuments of India.3. The Ranakpur Jain Temple is located in the Pali district of Rajasthan, bet..
INTRODUCTION : Kacha was an ancient sage and the son of Deva Guru Brihaspati. He is also mentioned in various puranas and in Mahabharata.  He was known for learning all the divine scriptures from his father as well as from the demon guru Sri Sukracharya.Once Kacha met Sukracharya and become the disciple of Sukracharya, to learn the secret of the Mrita Sanjivini mantra in order to bring back the lives of the demi gods again who have lost their lives during their battle with various demons. Kacha also impressed his guru’s daughter Devayani, who falls in love with him.On knowing about t..
INTRODUCTION : Shandilya was the name of a popular rishi. Those who are having the Sandilya gotra, are the descendants of Sri Shandilya Maharishi. Most of the people belonging to West Bengal, Assam, Maharashtra, Punjab and Gujarat are considered as the descendants of Shandilya.He was a son of the sage Asita and grandson of the rishi Kashyapa.  He was the disciple of Vaatsya rishi.  He also trained in vedas under the great rishis: Kaushika, Gautama Maharishi and Kushri.  His disciples were Kaundinya, Agnivesa, and Bharadwaj.  He has composed the famous Shandilya Upanish..
INTRODUCTION :Shravan is a holy person who was mentioned in Ramayana. Shravan was lived along with his parents, and he was a young boy, and his parents lived a saintly life by devoting their entire attention on god. Since they were blind and also have become old, they wanted their son to take them to holy pilgrimages. Since they were poor, the kind hearted Shravan, who was a dutiful son, carried his parents by placing them in a basket, and he carried the basket in his shoulder while on their pilgrimage.Once, the then-Prince of Ayodhya, Dasharatha was hunting in a forest, which is located in th..
INTRODUCTION : Aruni (8th century BC), is an ancient sage of Hinduism. He is mentioned in many devotional texts, and his philosophical teachings are considered famous similar to the teachings contained in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad and Chandogya Upanishad.  He was a spiritual guru, and attracted students from all over the world. One of his disciples was the great sage Yajnavalkya, and his greatness and importance was mentioned in ancient texts. He contains good knowledge in vedas and ancient sacred texts.He explained in detail to his disciples, questions related to soul and body, a..
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